Lutron Electronics 7822521 Maestro Fan Control & LED Light for Dimmer, White

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Maestro Fan Control & LED Light for Dimmer.

Single pole, dual dimmer and fan controller. Tap on to preset light level / fan speed-tap off. Tap twice for full on. Touch rocker to adjust light level / fan speed. Four fan speeds plus off. Indicator lights display light level and fan speed. No canopymodule required. Requires separate wires for fan and light. No neutral wire required. Front accessible service switch for fixture bulb replacement. Prevents tripping of AFCI breakers. Fault detection / indication. Light pull chain off detection. Lamp failure detection. Short circuit detection / protection. Capable of controlling up to 75W dimmable CFL / LED or 250W incandescent / halogen lighting loads. Capable of controlling up to 1.5A paddle-type ceiling fan loads. UL Listed to US and Canadian safety requirements. For indoor use only.


  • Color: White
  • Weight: 0.3 lbs

- SKU: ORGL148633The Maestro 4-speed fan control and LED dimmer helps you achieve the ideal comfort level for your home. This Maestro device allows you to dim your LED lights and adjust your fan speed all from one wall control, eliminating the inconvenience of pull chains. Get the ultimate convenience of both full-range dimming plus fan control in one device - perfect for family rooms or bedrooms. No more reaching over tables or beds to adjust the fan speed; 4 fan speeds for increased comfort. The only fan control and light dimmer designed specifically to control fans with dimmable LEDs! Build with Lutrons patented C.L technology, this control provides smooth, flicker-free dimming of LED, incandescent and halogen bulbs. Easily set the optimum dimming range for your bulbs through simple button press programming. Programmable fade of the dimmer gradually turns lights on, allowing your eyes to adjust to the change in light, and gradually fade off, allowing time to exit a room before the lights turn off. Dimmer works with up to 75W of dimmable LEDs or CFLs or up to 250W of Incandescent or Halogen. Fan control works with up to 1.5A ceiling paddle fan.Color: WhiteSingle PoleTap on to preset light level / fan speed; tap offTap twice for full onTouch rocker to adjust light level / fan speedFour fan speeds plus offIndicator lights display light level and fan speedSingle-pole onlyNo canopy module requiredRequires separate wires for fan and lightNo neutral wire requiredUL Listed to control:Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) with integrated ballastDimmable LED with integrated driverHalogenIncandescentLow-end adjustment to accommodate a wide range of bulbs.FASS - Front Accessible Service Switch for fixture bulb replacementPrevents tripping of AFCI breakers100% factory testedFault Detection / IndicationLight pull chain off detectionLamp failure detectionShort circuit detection / protectionFeatures:Capable of controlling up to 75 W dimmableCFL / LED or 250 W Incandescent / Halogen lighting loads.Capable of controlling up to 1.5 A paddle-type ceiling fan loads.Regulatory ApprovalsUL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety requirementsUL 1472 / CSA C22.2 184.1 (dimmer)UL 1917 (fan)NOMMeets requirements of NEMA SSL7-2015Power and Ratings120 V~ 60 Hz1.5 A fan rating - single fan only75 W dimmable CFL / LED or 250 W Incandescent / Halogen light ratingEnvironmentFor indoor use onlyOperating temperatures 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius)0% to 95% relative humdity, non-condensing.PerformancePower-failure memoryElectrostatic discharge testedPrecise color matchingMechanical air-gap switch to disconnect load powerDual power supply for light pull chain off detectionApplication RequirementsWhen using CFLs or LEDs, only bulbs marked or rated as Dimmable can be used.For a complete list of approved DIMMABLE CFLs and LEDs please visit / dimcflledRequires separate wires for fan and light.Not for use with DC motor fans or fans with remote controls.Not for use with bathroom or kitchen exhaust-type fans.

Lutron Electronics 7822521 Maestro Fan Control & LED Light for Dimmer, White

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